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lørdag den 17. august 2013

Shitty "lovers"

Ok, I've never gone so far to a point where I was actually lovers with anyone. Girlfriend/Boyfriend is as far as I've gotten. But still, I'm sick and tired of me only being able to get shitty girlfriends and boyfriends. I mean, usually when you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, they care for you, and in the beginning they just can't leave you alone because you're their everything. well.. frist of, no ones ever been all over me! The only one who has, and the only person I've actually ever been in love with, well, there were some circumstances that made it impossible for us to be together. So yeah. Actually the only boyfriend who ever really cared for me and tried to help me and such was my first boyfriend, and that's fucking amazing because.. I really had problems back then, but he was there for me when I needed it. He never backed off and didn't make me feel alone, except for one time, but hey, everybody makes mistakes! my second boyfriend and first girlfriend, tore me apart with their none caring. They were the most selfish people I think I've ever met, but yet somehow I'm glad I was with them before thos, because my current girlfriend, well.. she treats me the same way as those two did, not as extremely fortunately, but it's still enough. I know she has problems too, and I'm not allowed to know about them even though I'm willing to help. I'm always willing to listen and help. I don't care how long it goes on for, as long as I feel loved and appreciated. but I don't.. She doesn't in any way make me feel that. I know I should just say it's over, but she says she has some things she wants to talk through with me... wtf, I should be the one saying that.. well anyways, I have to wait another two weeks until that point. I guess I'll just not talk to her until then, it seems like that's the way she is going with this, so yeah, I don't care anymore, I think I'll tell her it's over when she is done saying what she wants to tell me.

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